Paradigms: Old Physics – New Physics

Our society’s prevailing paradigm arose from the old, classical physics. This paradigm permeates large areas of our thinking and action, and has brought us to where we are today. Among the basic principles of this way of thinking are: The world is made up of objects. The essence of these objects is matter. Matter is the basis of life.

The future is predetermined through analysis of the past and the present point in time. Even processes of thinking and consciousness are reduced to solely biochemical and biomechanical sequences, which thereby exclude any genuinely creative human capability. This view of reality stands for the (Social) Darwinist theory of the rule of might, which in turn finds expression in egoism and competitive thinking. The prevailing paradigm in our society has its origins in the old, classical physics.

Does modern physics confirm this paradigm or does it suggest a completely different understanding of reality? Celebrated quantum physicist Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr takes a position on this fundamental issue.


Programme Two Paradigms - Old and New Physics as PDF file here



Sir Isaac Newton, Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr und Werner Karl Heisenberg